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May 28, 2014

Product: A game that explores the application of Game Theory to a dynamic system of exchange such as the CitiBike system in New York City. Through gameplay we aim to address the following question: Can the implementation of system wide penalties and bonuses influence the behavior of self interested players? Furthermore, can we fine-tune these penalties and bonuses to achieve system balance?

Team: Danniel Melancon, David Tracy and Saki Hayashi

Roles: Concept Development: All, Back-end : Danniel Melancon, Front-end Programming and Design: Saki Hayashi, Physical build and Design: David Tracy

The Problem: NYC’s strategic alternative transportation plan In an effort to reduce emissions, road wear, collisions, and road and transit congestion and to improve public health is to establish a bicycle share program. Citi Bike was born as a private-public partnership operated by NYC Bike Share LLC in 2012. However, the system has an imbalanced bike stock problem that the stations often become either empty or full that the users cannot take and park the bikes. As a result, the company employs track drivers to move the bikes from empty to full stations. This solution causes further imbalance bike stock problem and increases emissions.

Brain storming on a white board

game rule making

prototyping the module with Arduino

a hand sketch for the UI/UX design

a wireframe for this app

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